Pak Choy

Pak Choy is fast growing, vigorous and fairly
low maintenance, and so fairly easy to grow.
Packed with Vitamin A, C and K, we are
all over it!


This spunky member of the mustard
family is considered a “super food” due to
its cancer fighting antioxidants.
Eating a good bag of it is also said to be
a good cure for a hang-over.


Fast-maturing and easy-to-grow, radishes
can be grown even on the smallest city lot.
Radishes were so highly regarded in
Ancient Egypt that they were paid as ‘wages’
to the labourers who built the Pyramids!

Time to Grow / The Team

Time to Grow

At Time To Grow, our vision is for urban farming to be commonplace in Hong Kong. We are dedicated to engaging city-dwellers of all ages and backgrounds in the fun of farming, through a range of educational workshops and bespoke farm installation services.

Simply with sunlight, soil, water and a little bit of know-how, we can turn the city’s unused spaces into a sustainable (and edible!) urban landscape. Our goal is not just to promote urban farming in Hong Kong, but to encourage conscious lifestyle choices that take into account our relationship to the environment and our community.

The Team

Team Time To Grow draws on a diverse range of expertise: from business and engineering, to design, events management, charity work and, of course, organic farming! Though our backgrounds vary, we are united by our common passion for sustainable living.

Pol Fàbrega

Originally from Barcelona, Pol has worked with several grassroots nonprofit organisations and academic institutions both in Asia and Europe. Pol would never have dreamed he would be helping to set up an urban farming enterprise when he moved to Hong Kong in early 2012. As soon as he heard about the project however, something in his gut pushed him out of his his comfort zone and he discovered a new passion for urban agriculture.

Currently, Pol is making the most of his south-facing window ledge to grow lettuce and radish.

Andrew Tsui

I am blessed with the experience of growing up in Hong Kong and living in Singapore, China and India, and being able to appreciate diversity among cultures. A civil engineer by training and in business management by profession, I’ve had the privilege to serve in different capacities for the public service, private and NGO sectors in both Singapore and Hong Kong.
Along the way, I was inspired by the thriving and active social enterprising community in town. Since then, I founded relateink to publish social sustainability initiatives online and to provide business consulting services for social enterprises and projects.
I am excited to be part of the urban farming movement in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, and am looking forward to seeing more city-dwellers embrace the lifestyle of growing greens in the urban settings.

Samantha Woods

Since she was little, Samantha has been an advocate for sustainable living: from insisting her mother save old newspapers so that they could be taken to the recycling bins at school (the only ones she knew of), to reminding friends and family to use fewer plastic bags and turn off the lights. Armed with a degree in Natural Sciences and an idealistic desire to make a difference, she spent five years in Beijing managing a nationwide environmental campaign, the Green Long March (GLM), and then working for a responsible travel company. Samantha was introduced to urban farming by students at China Agricultural University as part of the GLM in 2009, and has since been experimenting with growing food in her own home.

Urban Farm Setup / Workshops

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Urban Farm Setup

From our initial site assessment to your personalized setup and harvesting plan, to ongoing support through our experts, we offer customized urban farming solution. We also supply top quality lightweight planters, organic seedlings and soil.

Whether you have a rooftop or a balcony, Time To Grow can help transform it into a source of nutritious and delicious organic food.


Because farming is all about practical experience, Time To Grow’s urban farming workshops combine theory with actual farming skill. Our instructors are experienced organic farmers who develop a series of comprehensive workshops that can be adjusted for different ages and levels of experience.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get our hand dirty!


Here at Time To Grow, we are actively involved in all things urban farming – from teaching workshops on rooftops across the city, to participating in farmers’ markets, giving talks and much more. For information on our upcoming workshops and events, join our growing community on facebook. Also check out our archives for past projects and happy customers!

Bank of America Tower

Rooftop farm with a view! In partnership with Jones Lang LaSalle.

Vivian Feeding HK

Daisy Baptist University

Community Meal @ School of Creativity

Thank you Sandra & Lori for this demonstration on how to use fresh produce to cook a delicious and nutritious meal.

HKICC School of Creativity

Collaborative project with Feeding HK/Tesco to transform the school’s rooftop into a source of learning and fresh veggies for those in need.

Confucius Hall School

Collaborative project with Feeding HK/Tesco to transform the school’s rooftop into a source of learning and fresh veggies for those in need.

Farm to table experience at Plantation

Edgar Sanuy, Foodie’s 2013 Chef of the year, delighted us with a cooking demonstration and an exquisite dinner with fresh veggies brought straight from the farm!

Sandra & Lori Food enthusiasts

Urban Farming Workshop@HKU

We are delighted to co-organize this urban farming workshop with HKU’s General Education Unit!

Urban Farming Workshops @ Island East Markets

Time to Grow x gardens&co. Urban Farm

We had great fun setting up the farm with gardens&co. today! Happy farming!!

Kevin designer

finally got a garden now!

Matthew designer

For the health of the plant,
it’s time to grow our knowledge of farming!

Jason web designer

Farming is not as easy as i thought, I will treasure each meal more than ever!


There is a time for everything and a season for every activity. Let’s enjoy a time to grow together!

Time to Grow x Grassroots Pantry

In this hands-on workshop, participants learned the process of setting up a urban farm.

Garden of Lovely,Social Media Week

Time To Grow hosted an urban farm workshop!

Organic Farming Sunday Workshops Peak Galleria

Series of organic farming workshops for participants of all ages


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